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We create communities to help connect people with the knowledge they need.

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At our core, we’re about collaboration. Take a look at what makes us tick.

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An online question and answer tool just for your company.

A secure multi-platform tool
ExpertOffice is a secure hosted solution optimized for desktop, IOS and Android mobile devices.

Where social collaboration meets solutions
Discover how the patented ExpertOffice question-and-answer platform can improve communication and knowledge sharing in your organization.

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The Data Center Management Tool that doesn’t bite.

On-the-go rack management.
Keep track of your datacenter on your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are.

Prototype new configurations.
Allows you to design racks without being constricted to available live devices.

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A Passion for Connecting People with Answers

Asking questions has been the way humans have learned since the dawn of time. Yet after more than 30 years of newsgroups, Internet forums and social media sites, we still haven’t perfected knowledge sharing online.

That’s our passion here at RedSource Interactive: creating a better way to connect people with the answers they need.

Founded in 2009 by Experts Exchange CEO Randy Redberg, RedSource Interactive is dedicated to extending the patented blend of Q&A and expert community found on Experts Exchange to other companies and communities that desperately need a new way to share knowledge. We’re not just making another wiki or message board: Our communities are virtual places for askers and experts to meet and help one another.

RedSource Interactive turns the everyday activity of asking people for help into a unique online experience for companies and communities large and small.

What We Value

The Service we provide.

We understand that we not only provide a service; we provide a community where people can help each other learn and grow through the use of our service. At its core, Redsource Interactive is about collaboration. We believe that together we are smarter, stronger and better then we can ever be alone.

Value customers Value community Team Collaboration.

Our Employees’ well-being

We encourage our employees to be themselves; each person brings unique experiences and expertise to the company. These divergent perspectives are a key factor in our overall success.

Empowerment Work/Life Balance Authenticity Passion Integrity

Our Company’s growth

We realize that growth isn’t about size, it’s about health. At Redsource Interactive, we do more with less. We are a bootstrapped company that became successful by being willing to take risks and challenge the status quo. We take our success seriously and we aren’t afraid to challenge all our assumptions to realize it.

Sustainable Business Passionate Continuous Improvement

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